Sorry – only one guess where I’m based out of.

Murdersports are the various miniatures games which I play, or don’t play, or invite other people to talk about. I’ll primarily be talking about Malifaux and Guild Ball, since those are the games I play the most, but X-Wing and Armada from Fantasy Flight will also make appearances on this blog.

Perhaps one day I’ll even dust off my Warhammer Fantasy – sorry, Age of Sigmar – army, or learn how to play 40k. Might even be a great deal on a Warmachine or Hordes army on eBay. The future is fluid.

This is unlikely to ever be a painting blog – I mean, I’ll show you my models, but you’re not going to be beating down the door trying to learn my techniques. Instead, I’ll focus on tactics, rules I like and don’t like, battle reports, and the like.

If you found this blog, I hope you like it!