If you listen to my Malifauxpodcast over at Midwest Wargaming, you know that, despite my past, I’m not a huge fan of Games Workshop games. Talisman is the most boring board game I’ve ever played. 40k is incredibly static, tactically, without a lot of movement being necessary. I liked Warhammer Fantasy (there’s something awesome about rolling 30 dice at once), but when Age of Sigmar first got released, I went way out on that ‘beer and pretzels,’ pointsless (and pointless) game.

Eventually, I came back for Malifaux, and then Guild Ball. Some dabblings in X-Wing and Armada (both of which are awesome). Now, thanks to a sweet eBay deal I’ve added another Games Workshop game to the bunch. the original murdersport: Blood Bowl.

Blood Bowl combines (American) Football with the world of Warhammer Fantasy, with teams full of Humans, Orks, Elves, Skaven (Ratmen), Dwarves, Chaos Demons . . . and that’s it for the current rules. In the past, there were also teams for the various Undead factions and Lizardmen, but they’re not here now.

The starter set comes with the flexible Human team, capable of playing football against the beater teams, and of beating up the football-focused teams, and the Orks team, who primarily is focused on putting their enemies deep into the ground. The Orks, in particular, are not really my usual playstyle, but nonetheless, this game seems awesome at first blush.

Stay tuned for another type of Game Report.