Ahhhh. Another game of Guild Ball! Still no word on who I’m supposed to play in my Figo League, but getting a game in is important. Have to step my game up to proper Fishermen’s Guild levels!

Today’s game is against the dreaded Mortician’s Guild, lead by their creepy, terribly cheater-iffic Captain, Obulus!

My squad is the same as the last game:

Shark (Captain)
Tentacles (Mascot)

Their opponents, today:

Obulus (Captain)
Dirge (Mascot)
Tater (A Farmer’s Guild GenCon Prerelease)

No, this isn’t a ‘Big League’ game, so technically Tater can’t be hired. But for my opponent, he was new and cool – and I’m all about new and cool. Foreshadowing: I will regret that decision.

Fishermen win the toss, and have elected to receive! Ghast trots forward, and kicks the ball downfield!14248057_10101134921879985_496044840_o

I immediately make my first mistake: Kraken trots forward, grabs the ball, and attempts to pass it to the single-activation goal machine: Shark. The big fella can’t kick for crap, though, and boots it way over Shark’s head. Greyscales counters an advance from Dirge by charging into him and picking up some spare momentum. Siren swings over and helps her big fella out, slinging the ball to Shark.

Shark shows why he’s the MVP of Guild Ball, and flashes across the field, scoring his traditional goal. The Morticians kick the ball to their temporary teammate, Tater on their left wing. Sakana relieves him of his burden to end the turn.

And for my trouble, I learn an important lesson: Obulus is the worst. The absolute worst. Round 2, he chills with his crazy amounts of influence, passing Confidence over to his crazy friend, Cossett.  Tater and Sakana fight over the ball on the Fishermen’s right flank, and the Farmer is able to secure control. I also learn that Ghast is a huge douche – Kraken and he start a tussle in the middle of the pitch. Siren bats her eyes pretty at Tater, but fails to catch his attention.

Over rounds 3 and 4, the Morticians serve a lesson in knockdowns upon the Fishermen, sweeping the legs out from underneath every single one of the Fishermen. In Round 3, Shark is taken out by Cosset, freeing Obulus to support Tater on the flank. I place Shark foolishly (overly aggressively) at the start of the fourth round, and he’s taken out by Obulus to level the game at 4 apiece.

But most importantly, Sakana ends round 4 with the ball, on his feet, and with me having a momentum advantage for turn 5. After winning initiative, he runs forward, slaps Obulus to pick up a momentum point, and boots the ball towards the goal, right into the path of Shark, but not to the Captain. Shark jogs forward, triggers his legendary to slow down Dirge, Silence, Cosset, and Ghast (all engaged with Big Daddy Kracken in the middle of the pitch), then Tital Surges to the ball, snaps it, and rattles it off the post. 8-4, Fishermen!

The ball is kicked out towards Obulus on the wing, but it scatters ahead of the Mortician Captain perfectly. The group in the middle gang up on Kracken, finally taking the big man down. Meanwhile, the knockdown machine, Ghast, also knocks down Tentacles and Siren. Sakana takes the ball and flips it over to Greyscales, who attempts to hold it over along the sideline.

On round 6, Shark gets my very first takedown, ever, charging Cosset from behind and slamming his spear into her three times. BUT! A Guild Plot! The Morticians also get 2 VPs for their trouble. 10-8 to them. And then . . . Obulus activates. He reaches out with his hand, and Greyscales hands the ball over, kicking it to him and it scatters right into his arms. Then Obulus sprints forward, slapping Siren for a momentous dodge twice. Then, he powers up a kick on the goal using ‘Bonus Time’ and it’s all –

He misses! 3 dice at the goal, and he misses his shot, 1-1-3. There’s still a chance. It ricochets off the ground and then off the post, stopped short of the goal marker. Ghast makes a break for it, knocking down Tentacles, grabbing the ball and then takes his 1 shot at goal – 50/50 chance. And he misses, again! Two shots, 4 dice, and they all come up less than four. I rack up some momentum as I try to seal the deal with a second takedown on Tater using Kracken, Greyscales, and Sakana. I fail. Tentacles grabs the ball – hopefully his close control ability and relative health will stop Morticians from scoring it right away next turn.

Turns out, Fishermen aren’t great at fighting.

Then, we roll off for initiative – if I win, there’s a shot at me keeping the ball out of Obulus’ pale fingers.

5 to 1, and I throw 6 influence on Shark – he can charge the Morticians’ mascot, Dirge, and get the last two points I need! A Charge and two attacks later, and the Fishermen pick up a win, 12-8!

What a game from the Fishermen Captain – 2 goals and 2 takedowns, despite being taken out twice. Get that man a victory beer!

Also . . . damn Obulus. He’s absurd. 8 influence on one guy, who can just have you give the ball and then farm momentum off of somebody. The Morticians are great at controlling their opponent’s bodies. So many momentous knockdowns.One way to slow the Fishermen down, that’s for sure.

This was an intense game – right down to the wire. Came down to him missing 4 dice, each of which only needed a 4. A rematch is certainly necessary.