Also last Saturday (like I said, I had a big day of gaming!) I got in my first full game of Fishermen, as a preseason tune-up before the Fall Figo League here in the Twin Cities!

First up, the Hunters! Go, Fish, Go!

My roster:

Shark (Captain)
Tentacles (Mascot)


Theron (Captain)
Fahad (Mascot)

The Hunters win the first roll-off and elect to receive. I’ve selected three Guild Plots which trigger when my players are taken out – either to get them right back into the game immediately, get them back with 2 icy sponge tokens right away, or place a vengeance token on that model that gives a free 4 hits for me when I attack that model next.

Greyscales kicks off, attempting to put it way out the wing, where Sakana will be able to race and grab it, but it scatters straight at the Hunter winger, Zarola, who snags it, passes it back to Theron, and then chain-activates Fahad up by her. Kraken and Siren jog forward on the far flank, as I wait for that wing of my opponent to activate. Hearne dives forward, awesomely, and ties up Kraken, threatening a showdown between the two big fellas. Shark speeds up Greyscales, then pushes him forward, then pops up to join the fray with Hearne. FINALLY, Theron moves forward, snaring Greyscales in the forest. BUT – Greyscales uses his increased speed to cancel out part of that, charges Theron, takes the ball from him, dodges past him into scoring position, and . . . runs out of Influence. The crowd waits on bated breath. Sakana takes up position in the forest, and throws a smoke bomb out to block Theron from his teammates.

Round two has Sakana charge into Zarola and the mascot, slapping them around in order to gain momentum. Egret moves up to Greyscales, only to learn the slippery old man will just dodge out of her threat range, as he does exactly that. Hearned forest jumps over to beat on Sakana a bit, but rolls truly terribly. A single momentous damage is all the manages. Greyscales then ‘Where’d he go?’ backwards, shoots, scores, and salutes the crowd. Goal kick out to Jaecar on the wing, who races up the flank. Egret steps diagonally forward and shoots at Tentacles, missing twice. Siren looks over at Jaecar, bats her eyes, and finds herself with the ball in her hands. She tosses it over to Shark – only Zarola and the mascot are left to activate for the Hunters, and they’re tied up with Sakana. They attack, only to learn about Sakana’s free counter, which ties them up as he dodges alongside them. They can’t get to Shark, who jogs forward, shoots, and scores! 8-0 as the Fishermen strike twice in the second round. Free kick goes off to the side, near Egret.

Off to the side, Sakana and the four Hunters he’s engaged with slap at each other ineffectually, picking up some momentum, but not a lot of damage. He’s not going to be able to move far, but he’s dodging himself into good positions left and right. Kraken moves up, tying up Theron, as well – first real action for the big guy. Meanwhile, Hunters make a very bold move. Egret sprints, snapping the ball, and attempting to FAIL a kick in the direction of Jaecar, who is out of range. Unfortunately, she is accurate, and the ball doesn’t scatter. Siren sprints over, snaps it, and slings the ball over to Tentacles. Nobody can get free of the Kraken/Sakana pair to get over to Tentacles to take the ball.

Here, we make a rules mistake. I have Shark run past Tentacles, snapping the ball as he goes, then shoot and fire to win the game. However, upon review, a model can’t drop the ball unless it’s the model which is activating. APPARENTLY for just this reason. BUT – neither Zarola nor the mascot were going to get free of Sakana and Kraken to get over to Tentacles or Shark – I could have activated Tentacles first, had the squid drop the ball, beat on whomever tried to leave to grab it with Sakana (both were too far away to get the ball anyway) then had Shark run by, snap the ball, and score. It was one activation more, but equally as inevitable.

FISH WIN! 12-0! Just three rounds long – shorter with 6 than it was 3 on 3.

This game is great. I can’t wait to play it again.