Last Saturday, I played the first games of Guild Ball in what is sure to be a promising Guild Ball career for the home team’s Fishermen.

First game, they opened up with an intra-squad 3 on 3 scrimmage. Me and another guy both wanted to play to learn. A bit of a ‘practice,’ for the Fishermen, if you will. We played, accidentally, on a 3’x3′ pitch, though – a decision which would come back to bite me later, as well as teach me a lesson I hope my opponents will learn in the future – “DAMN YOU, SHARK!”

Corsair (Yours truly) captained one squad, joined by Greyscales and Sakana. They scrimmaged against Shark, Kraken, and Jac.

Corsair’s squad received! Ball is kicked off to Sakana’s right after a long scatter. He jogs over, snaps it to himself, and slings it over to the old pirate. Momentum gained. Enemy jogs up as Corsair slings the rock to Greyscales who sprints forward, Dodges 4″, and then puts himself right in front of the goal!

Second turn, Corsair’s squad wins initiative. Greyscales slaps Kraken for a Momentous dodge, then shoots, and SCORES! 4-0 for the ol’ Pirate’s side. Goal kick goes out to the flank, where Shark waits. As Corsair taunts his replacement, Kraken charges the ol’ Pirate, intent on defending his teammate’s honor. Shark grabs the ball as he races down the wing.

Third turn, Kraken picks up a momentum by beating on Corsair a bit, knocking him down. Shark then dives in and scores. Meanwhile, Corsair stands up and picks up some momentum, as Sakana fields the goal kick and bombs down the right flank, looking to put a quick end to the scrimmage.

Fourth turn, it all goes awry for Corsair’s side. First thing, Greyscales charges and gets the momentum Sakana will need to score. Then, sadly, Jac goads Sakana (probably with some sort of racial slur, or a joke about squid, I don’t know), and Sakana is only allowed to move directly towards Jac. He passes the ball over to Corsair, then runs in to beat on Jac instead of scoring. Complete lack of Professionalism. Shameful. Corsair moves, then gives the ball to Greyscales.

Looking back, this was clearly a mistake. Yes, Greyscales is nimble, but Corsair’s a beast at hanging onto the ball. The mistake is made clear, as Shark runs up and takes the ball from Greyscales.

Fifth turn is the ‘Damn it, Shark!’ turn. Shark takes the ball, and just runs all the way across the field where nobody can get him. Jac breaks off of Sakana and cuts to the goal. I chase after Shark into the corner, misreading Greyscales’ double ball move after committing to chasing Shark. This is my second mistake. Reason why is immediately apparent – I went too close to Shark.

Sixth turn, and the game ends on the first activation. Shark moves to the edge of his attack range and slaps Greyscales, gets a momentous dodge which puts him in range to kick it, rattling the post. 8-4 for Shark’s squad. DAMN YOU, SHARK!

If we’d been playing on a 2’x2′ pitch, as we should have been, Greyscales would have been able to get to Shark on the charge, and probably take the ball away, gaining some momentum to seize initiative. Then Jac would have been terribly out of position to do anything about Sakana scoring. It would have been a huge change.

Nonetheless, a great match!