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Blood Bowl Joins the Roster

If you listen to my Malifauxpodcast over at Midwest Wargaming, you know that, despite my past, I’m not a huge fan of Games Workshop games. Talisman is the most boring board game I’ve ever played. 40k is incredibly static, tactically, without a lot of movement being necessary. I liked Warhammer Fantasy (there’s something awesome about rolling 30 dice at once), but when Age of Sigmar first got released, I went way out on that ‘beer and pretzels,’ pointsless (and pointless) game.

Eventually, I came back for Malifaux, and then Guild Ball. Some dabblings in X-Wing and Armada (both of which are awesome). Now, thanks to a sweet eBay deal I’ve added another Games Workshop game to the bunch. the original murdersport: Blood Bowl.

Blood Bowl combines (American) Football with the world of Warhammer Fantasy, with teams full of Humans, Orks, Elves, Skaven (Ratmen), Dwarves, Chaos Demons . . . and that’s it for the current rules. In the past, there were also teams for the various Undead factions and Lizardmen, but they’re not here now.

The starter set comes with the flexible Human team, capable of playing football against the beater teams, and of beating up the football-focused teams, and the Orks team, who primarily is focused on putting their enemies deep into the ground. The Orks, in particular, are not really my usual playstyle, but nonetheless, this game seems awesome at first blush.

Stay tuned for another type of Game Report.


Malifaux’s Robin Hood, Parker Barrows

Hello again! It’s been awhile since I sat down and wrote anything, including a battle report, game report, or anything of the sort. Whether it was speed-playing (and speed-painting) to prepare for the Renegade Open (where I finished in the  middle of the table in the face of a slowly played first round and an unfortunate mistake by yours truly in the third round) or hosting the ever-improving Lecture Notes from the Breach podcast over at Midwest Wargaming, I’ve just been to busy with my extracurriculars to get things written down.

Referenced many times through my battle reports has been my previous quest to prepare an all-comers list for the newest Outcasts master. Accordingly, I’m now well over 30 games with Parker Barrows, and I’m going to break down both the Master himself and the best models to include in a crew with him, including the nearest thing to an All-Comers list you can build for him.

To get in the proper Parker mindset, you need to dial up the wayback jukebox before proceeding.  Continue reading “Malifaux’s Robin Hood, Parker Barrows”

Guild Ball Figo League, Gameweek Three: Fishermen v. Alchemists

Hello, and Welcome to another week of the Twin Cities Figo League, home of the finest in Guild Ball commentary and your premier source of 3′ x 3′ violent medieval soccer. Today is a match between the home Fishermen and the dreaded Alchemists’ Guild, coached by Mason and captained today by none other than the mysterious Smoke!

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Campaign Battle Report: Parker Barrows (Outcasts) v. Jakob Lynch (Ten Thunders)

Ahhh. I’m sorry to have missed you all. If you didn’t know, it’s because last week, in lieu of a Battle Report, I started a Malifaux Podcast with some of the other guys from Midwest Wargaming.

In addition to this, I hadn’t played a game outside of the Pumpkin Spice & Soulstones Tournament and a pair of games ‘quick-played’ in preparation for the tournament. You’ll be happy to know I finished 5th out of 8 players after going 1-1-1, thanks to a combination of some questionable list-building and the coldest fate decks in my Malifaux experience.

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Guild Ball Figo League, Gameweek Two: Fishermen v. Morticians

Hello, and Welcome back to Week Two of the Twin Cities Figo League, home of the very finest in Guild Ball entertainment, commentary, and discussion. Today, we have a game between the Fishermen, managed by Alex of Midwest Miniature Murdersports and the away team, the Morticians under the leadership of Chris. The last time these teams faced off, the Mortician’s Guild and their captain Obulus left with nobody to blame but themselves. Meanwhile, the Fishermen learned all the wrong lessons from that matchup with the Spooks, as they missed two game winning goals of their own in week 1. What will be the story, today?

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Guild Ball Figo League, Gameweek 1: Fishermen v. Brewers

Hello Guild Ball fans, and welcome to the Twin Cities Figo League, home of the very best in Guild Ball entertainment. Today, we have my future champion Fishermen, squaring off in their season opener against Kurt, his Brewers, and their Captain, Tapper. Continue reading “Guild Ball Figo League, Gameweek 1: Fishermen v. Brewers”

Battle Report: Parker Barrows v. Jack Daw (Malifaux)

Did you know that your opponents are allowed to play factions besides Gremlins? I had almost forgotten!

Today’s game is against the Henchman for the Twin Cities, David. He’s built a fantastic Malifaux community here in the Twin Cities. A community that looks like it’s growing even more, as we have a couple of spectators who are learning the game.

He offers me the choice of facing Outcasts or Resurrectionists, and I honestly have no preference. First note – all of David’s models look one thousand times better than my own, regardless of which faction he picks. I have no preference, and he declares Outcasts.

Outcasts vs. Outcasts it is! Continue reading “Battle Report: Parker Barrows v. Jack Daw (Malifaux)”

Guild Ball Preseason: Fishermen v. Morticians

Ahhhh. Another game of Guild Ball! Still no word on who I’m supposed to play in my Figo League, but getting a game in is important. Have to step my game up to proper Fishermen’s Guild levels!

Today’s game is against the dreaded Mortician’s Guild, lead by their creepy, terribly cheater-iffic Captain, Obulus! Continue reading “Guild Ball Preseason: Fishermen v. Morticians”

Guild Ball Preseason: Fishermen v. Hunters

Also last Saturday (like I said, I had a big day of gaming!) I got in my first full game of Fishermen, as a preseason tune-up before the Fall Figo League here in the Twin Cities!

First up, the Hunters! Go, Fish, Go!

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